We are all products of influence, everything we do was influenced by something else.






Creative Direction





As part of putting my life experiences into animation, Influence was born out of the introspection of how much people around me have influenced me in some way or the other.


My entire creative career is birthed out of my connection with someone somewhere, and truly on a wider scope, generally we as humans are products of influence, we do not act on our own, but rather act based on influence from an external party, most of the time.


Influence is really dear to me, as it also shows how I have grown based on some strategic relationships I have in my life.


In the past 5 years, I have practically experienced the effect people around us have on us, personally, people have shaped my life in varying ways.


The visual style was influenced by a collection I made on pinterest  and behance for the project.


During time time of concepting Influence, I was in a phase in my motion design career where I wanted to tell metaphoric stories using shapes, and the best way I could depict influence was by changing shapes.

At first, we see the initial character(the circle) open the scene, looking for something higher than itself, in the search it meets other shapes which have an impact on the main character, changing its shape, and color to theirs.

The Character then goes on in other scenes, to change other shapes, adding something to them as it moves along.

All through, we see the constancy in size of all the characters. this is to show that inasmuch as we get influenced by external bodies, we also have to maintain some level of originality in order to stand out in the world.



Style Frames

Unused Frames