We all need to move out of our comfort zones in order to do greater things for ourselves


Break forth 



Creative Direction



The ability to take decisions is a key ingredient of being an adult, haven made a series of life changing decisions, Breakforth was my way of expressing the entire feelings of making those decisions, the rollercoaster of emotions, indecisiveness sometimes, and the thought of if what you went for was actually the best way to go. But in all, I know breaking forth of my comfort zone only opens me up to more things and only growth follows such.


The visual style was influenced by a collection I made on pinterest  and behance for the project.


Using shapes to tell beautiful stories has been a focus of mine for a while, and I was seeking to implement that even with Break forth.

The initial Box and Circle standing for a person in His comfort zone, and the struggle there to see how it only takes intentional, sacrificial effort in order to breakout of comfort zones.

The character breaks through and moves in various forms and shapes for a better life.

All color after the breaking off shows vibrancy and how there is definitely a more colorful life outside of comfort zones