What is my Niche?

What is my Niche? The topic of niche is a very common one among creative circles. Younger creatives are always looking for what they are really cut out for in the industry as a whole. Niching is really good, and every creative has to be known for something to be relevant, but it is advisable […]

Apply Yourself

Apply Yourself When the need arises, and you have to do things, do them to the best of your ability, apply all the energy and resources you have into making things work out. Do not give in to fear or self doubt, apply yourself to learning, to implementing, to building relationships, to solving real world […]


Kef WIlliams Drawing

Document your life I have found that a very important habit anyone can take is proper documentation of one’s life and growth. I basically used this writing challenge to do that and wow, have I discovered a lot of things about myself through it. Documentation does not have to be published, it does not have […]