I once heard a discussion about architects, and how a building does not come alive without a well drawn plan. You see magnificent buildings, and structures which are hundreds of years old, and stand the test of time, and modernization, but those buildings did not get to that point without a well drawn plan.


And it got me thinking, and applying it to myself as a motion designer, and the creative field as a whole, there is no way to create masterpieces, without a solid plan, a good creative process, helps you solidify your idea, and enables you create the best work, which stands the test of time.


The whole idea was to show the process of planning, on a building drawing, and how it translates to master pieces.


The multi-colored approach to the buildings has been on my mind to apply on a project for a while, and I was able to use it here, though I hope to use the design style much more elaborately in future projects.


The idea to use textures also came from the thought of giving it a more realistic approach, seeing I was going to start with a paper falling, I wanted it to feel like an actual paper, and the stylizing with textures really brought that out.



As I have learnt, to specify the scenes, and the transitions right from the scripting, I took out time to do that here, and I have noticed using a moodboard aids in knowing what to do, which I did and got this result.

Reference Board


Having concluded on the direction of the piece, with the script, the storyboarding phase was quite easy, and fun. I endeavored to stretch my storyboarding skill a little bit here, making the frames look a little better than before.


The style framing for this project was pretty straight forward, I had fun creating the buildings in particular, seeing I had a design style in mind, I was able to make a blend of the style, and the direction for the project.


Well, the major challenge for this project was that it did not really meet my expectation when it was done, I was conflicted between either letting it go or to continue tweaking, but the overall aim for my short projects has been to work on a specific deadline, and this totally exceeded the time, so I had to let go of the discomfort, and wrap it up so I do not end up being stuck with analysis paralysis.


But what I could note I had a challenge with was I felt I could push the design much more, but the story had already been concluded on, hence changing that would have meant changing the entire story, hence something I will look into in the next project, it making sure the story is wholesome enough.

Sound Design

John Green, A sound designer, and I am super excited about the great work he did on the sound. He really brought the project to life!


Seeing the goal of these short animations is to produce in a short time, I needed to wrap this up as soon as I could, even as I was not feeling it was perfect enough, but I needed to stick to the completion over perfection mantra here. And I really look forward to doing a second version of this project, as I feel there is more to the topic to be explored.

Thanks for viewing